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A bunch of kids have set out to bring a live audience to the urban Fantasia that is the under-side of the Flemington Bridge overpass. However, on the other side of the urban landscape, a bureaucratic plot is being hatched to undermine their efforts. Occupational Health and Safety manuals, insurance premiums and risk management plans are all being launched to destroy the young hopefuls. All seems lost. What are they to do?

The solution is simple: Fight back.

Kids Can Get Lost is a humorous performance about two Occupational Health and Safety Officers who attempt to run an educational course on Safe Family Roadtrips. The staging ground is the vast concrete floodway below the Yellow and Red Sticks of the CityLink Tollway. A place that is reminiscent of MTV Music Videos, Hollywood car chases and disaster movies; the perfect location for:
Crash Testing the Great Australian Holiday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We recommend Six Minute Soul Mate

This website isn’t just promoting our own performance of KIDS CAN GET LOST. We’d also like to highlight other projects in the festival that we think are really extraordinary and that everyone should check out. One of these is:

Six Minute Soul Mate
by Sydney based performance group, Brown Council.

It’s based around a six minute speed dating structure, that appears simple at first, yet through the subtle shifts in the performance style and the intimacy of the space, creates an experience that treads that complex line between being hilariously funny and bleakly sad.

It runs until friday... so don't miss out!

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