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A bunch of kids have set out to bring a live audience to the urban Fantasia that is the under-side of the Flemington Bridge overpass. However, on the other side of the urban landscape, a bureaucratic plot is being hatched to undermine their efforts. Occupational Health and Safety manuals, insurance premiums and risk management plans are all being launched to destroy the young hopefuls. All seems lost. What are they to do?

The solution is simple: Fight back.

Kids Can Get Lost is a humorous performance about two Occupational Health and Safety Officers who attempt to run an educational course on Safe Family Roadtrips. The staging ground is the vast concrete floodway below the Yellow and Red Sticks of the CityLink Tollway. A place that is reminiscent of MTV Music Videos, Hollywood car chases and disaster movies; the perfect location for:
Crash Testing the Great Australian Holiday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moonee Valley Leader Article

Melbourne icon sets the scene

Cathy Nilbett

THE bureaucratic obstacles that can stand in the way of everyday life provided inspiration for Kids Can Get Lost.

Producer and artistic director Matthew Kneale, of Ascot Vale, said his theatre group Spilt Second was interested in performing in unusual locations.

The performance will be staged next to a Melbourne icon, affectionately known as "the cheese sticks" under the CityLink tollway.

He said the group wanted to show the "beauty and imaginative potential" of the area.

"We live in Moonee Valley and love the concrete floodway near the yellow and red sticks on CityLink, and we really wanted to do a performance down there," Kneale said.

"It's a hidden place. The only people that go down there are cyclists and skater kids and a lot of people think it's ugly."

The group had to apply for permission from Melbourne Water and Transurban to use the floodway and incorporated the experience into the play.

"It was a six-month process of public liability and risk management submissions," Mr Kneale said.

In a case of life imitating art, Kneale said the performance mirrored their experience where they were told they had to participate in a course before getting access to the space.

"The audience is taken down to (Moonee Ponds Creek) and it's like they're experiencing the instructional videos that you watch at work," Kneale said. "It's making fun of the conventions of those instructional videos."

* Kids Can Get Lost will be performed from Thursday, May 16, to May 31 at 5pm. Meet at the Flemington Community Centre, 25 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington.

For bookings, phone 1300 727 432 or visit www.next wave. org.au


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